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jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

Trick eye make-up removed


    Hello girls, this is my first post in English, i hope that they should like it. Sorry about the mistakes.

     It´s an easy trick that you can use with your eye make-up removed

     If you used it, please tell me if it goes good or not.

     The ingredients that you need are very simplest, your eye make-up removed and one empty spray bottle.

      Now, you open the spray bottle.

      Second you mixed your eye make-up removed (only with the two-phases eye make-up removed)

       Third, you put your eye make-up remover into the spray bottle.
You can put the quantity that you want of two-phases eye make-up remover.

     Then when you wanted to use it, it is the easiest thing, you must only mix the eye make-up removed in case it was a two-phases.

    After that, you can need a cotton or disc for removed make-up. You only need a throw pair of pulsations with the spray bottle in the cotton.

    This way, it will not remain concentrated only on the center of the cotton, because the whole cotton will be full of make-up removed.

   If you need more, you have only to atomize again on the cotton

Kisses, hugs and i wish you a good day

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3 comentarios:

  1. Muy buen truco. Lo he entendido todo perfectamente y eso que está en inglés jeje Un beso

    1. Jiji, hay la versión en castellano también. Lo que pasa que casi preferí separar las a o no poner las en el mismo post. A eso sí he utilizado mi inglés macarronico porque sino fijo que la lio.
      Gracias por pasarte y comentar. Un beso

  2. interesting blog ) you would like to follow each other ? let me know and I follow back! have a nice day)))


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