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domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Shimmering Petit BBcream Review (English Version)

     Hi girls, today i show you a new post about my Shimmering Petit BBcream for Holika Holika.

       These are the most importan qualities for the bbcream

       Format: you can find this bbcream without box but it sealed. The form is similar to a toothpaste tube and it is pink plastic with screw cap.

 Quantity: 30 ml
 Protecion factor: 45 SPF+++  

Textury is creamy, not oily

 Finished is juicy, brillant but not with glitter

 Coverage is media throwing low

Negative oxidation

The bbcream is unique tone

It is composed by crystals pearl powder and jasmine

Smell similar of the fragance of Ralph Laurent

Qualities: illuminator, leveling skin oils and moisturizing

You will buy in: Jolse - $6,98    Ebay's sellers   ideaseller_kr USD5,61  cosmeticmarket2012 USD5,66

 Thanks for the visit. See you soon at the nex post

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